What to expect at Political Innovation’s London Events in 2012

We have five ‘Translation Layer’ events planned between 24th January and the 3rd April 2012. Full details can be seen here.

At each event, there will be a short-ish talk followed by a discussion among participants. Personal networking is at least as important as the talks and we will be asking everyone to provide a short introduction, saying who they are and why they are here.

We have a way of making this a little more efficient (these are political events, speechmakers may be present!), so we will be asking everyone in the room to prepare a tweet-sized introduction to themselves and their work.

Everyone will be given a slip of paper to compose this on – one that looks something like this:

Click to enlarge

We’ve got a good mix of people coming along – politicos, entrepreneurs, bloggers, campaigners etc. We asked all attendees to complete a survey as part of their signup – here are the results:

Click to enlarge

The main event should be finished by about 8.15pm but we hope you will be able to join us for dinner afterwards as well!

About Paul Evans

Living in London but working all over Britain and Ireland, Paul is the curator of the Political Innovation project. On twitter as @paul0evans1, blogging mainly at the Local Democracy blog and working mostly for Memeserver Ltd.
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