Gaming – in the last chance saloon in the UK?

I’m told that a few of the people who attended the Political Innovation event in Edinburgh last November were in contact with Paul Evans to say that they’d like a meetup like the Politicos meet Gamers event held in London last week.

A lot of the kind of issues that the get-together was intended to start a conversation on are being addressed at the Edinburgh Interactive conference taking place on the 11th-12th August. Politicos could certainly learn a good deal from the sessions on Gamification and how games are built and incentivised.

There’s a 20% discount available to everyone who is on the Political Innovation lists (if you’re on one of them – e.g. the Google Group, Paul will be mailing the discount code out to you shortly – if you’re not, join now!! ), so I hope to see a few of you there. But I’d like to particularly flag up one of the sessions that deals with the wider health of the gaming industry  in the UK. I draw your attention particularly to the ‘Great Debate’:

“This house believes that the UK Games Industry is only one life away from Game Over”

I’ll be drawing on this study of Manufacturing confidence in the Media City project in Salford – a bricks and mortar approach to regeneration characteristic of the UK’s industrial policies of the last decades. Past experience and changing times say that its potential to thrive may be compromised, and that it should spread its wings to create a vibrant community of entrepreneurs as part of the mix, and who have the potential to create an international talent pool to reinforce the presence of larger corporate tenants, and create added value and wealth.

I’ll be asking why – if measures to modernise and root out inertia and bureaucracy are valid in other areas of government intervention and policy – that they don’t apply here?

I hope to see you there?

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Career in European policy (ALA and MEP office) and media industries Independent Producers Association, Pact, BBC. Member of BAFTA and BSAC, Director of dotcom Victoria Real, and SMEs, Founder and first CEO of Tiga (trade assoc for video games developers 2001-8) and founder and Chair of EGDF (European Games Developers Federation 2005-9). Currently with Games Capital, a business and finance consultancy.
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