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Banned List Google Chrome Extension

Tweet Just a quick one, from my friend Andrew Regan, developer behind Poblish (among other things): Here is a Google Chrome ‘Banned List highlighter’ extension – helps you identify pages that have words from John Rentoul’s ‘Banned List’ and even … Continue reading

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The problem with think-tanks: Introduction

Tweet I wrote recently in The Guardian about what I perceive to be a crisis in the political think-tanks. This crisis is ostensibly brought on by two factors, the first is the inevitable (but slow) tidal drift of ideology and … Continue reading

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No 8: The broadening inkblot: Self-improvement for people who read newspapers (and blogs…)

Tweet If you’re reading this, you’re probably a regular lurker around the blogosphere and the longer, cleverer articles on media websites. You may even go further than that and comment occasionally, “Digg”, share or “like” postings on Facebook. And if … Continue reading

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Full details of the Edinburgh event confirmed: Here’s the Need To Know…

Tweet Here’s the NTK for Edinburgh Political Innovation (below). The main plenary session at lunchtime has been confirmed: Can Scotland harness the power of its own blogosphere?

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Changemakers shouldn’t design a better world. They should design better feedback loops

Tweet As a motto, it’s hard to beat, isn’t it? It’s not ours either – it’s Owen Barder’s. Read all about it here.

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Is social or design innovation always a political act?

Tweet Cameron Tonkinwise is asking … “is social innovation a means of circumventing politics?” “….what happens if design-based social innovation is not just a way of avoiding conventional, explicit politics, but a way of undermining politics altogether? What if scaling … Continue reading

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