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Living in London but working all over Britain and Ireland, Paul is the curator of the Political Innovation project. On twitter as @paul0evans1, blogging mainly at the Local Democracy blog and working mostly for Memeserver Ltd.

Crowdsourcing Analysis for Policymakers

Tweet Crowdsourcing Analysis for Policymakers is the first of five planned Political Innovation Translation Layer evening events in the new year. These free events are taking place and the Adam Street Club just off The Strand in London. Get your tickets … Continue reading

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Politicos – meet gamers

Tweet I’d like to invite you to an event I’m helping to organise along with a few friends, in which politicos and gamers will be expected to mingle and swap ideas. Get a ticket here (it’s next Thursday in central … Continue reading

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FED – Ideas to Sustain

Tweet Realpolitik and Bella Caledonia present ‘FED – Ideas Worth Sustaining’, a one-day program of talks, discussions, and, most importantly, ideas. FED takes its cue from July’s TEDGlobal Edinburgh conference – but while TED costs an eye-watering £3,700 to attend, … Continue reading

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Sometimes a quote is so good it deserves a posting of its own…

Tweet “An administrator in a bureaucratic world is a man who can feel big by merging his non-entity in an abstraction. A real person in touch with real things inspires terror in him.” – Marshall McLuhan

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City Forward – using public data

Tweet I met IBM’s John Tolva at the Personal Democracy Forum in Barcelona recently – here’s a short vid about his ‘City Forward’ project: I’m putting it here mainly to bookmark it because I think it’s the sort of thing … Continue reading

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Edinburgh & Belfast events – a round up

Tweet There’s not too much to add to the comprehensive write-ups of the Edinburgh and Belfast events that Mick has posted on Slugger O’Toole apart from a remark about how good it was to meet so many new people that … Continue reading

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What’s happening on Saturday in Belfast

Tweet We had over eighty people along for the Political Innovation event in Edinburgh on Saturday. Slugger O’Toole has a write up here, and Bruno Panara has pulled together a good timeline using Storify here.

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Who’s coming to Political Innovation in Edinburgh on Saturday?

Tweet We asked people registering to tick a few boxes. Those questions aren’t that easy to read and some are cut off on Eventbrite’s reporting display, so here are the questions in full from the registration system: It’s about as … Continue reading

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Full details of the Edinburgh event confirmed: Here’s the Need To Know…

Tweet Here’s the NTK for Edinburgh Political Innovation (below). The main plenary session at lunchtime has been confirmed: Can Scotland harness the power of its own blogosphere?

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What politicians need to know about social public information pt4: Lessons from effective hacktivism

Tweet Enlightenment thinkers were wide awake to the dangers of direct democracy as demands for the franchise increased. The concerns raised by thinkers such as Burke, Mill or DeTocqueville remain very pertinent to the discussions around the idea of The … Continue reading

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