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News release: Scottish bloggers meet up with politicians at Edinburgh event

Tweet Scottish bloggers, political activists and ‘hacktivists’ have been invited to a free-to-attend conference on social media and politics at Edinburgh University’s ‘School of Informatics’ on Saturday 13th November – 10-4pm The impact that Twitter, Facebook, and blogs will have … Continue reading

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No 7: Breaking the monopolies that control the way schools are designed

Tweet I’ve been following the Political Innovation project quite closely over the last month or so and the innovation that I would like to propose represents a synthesis of many of the other ideas in this series. I work in … Continue reading

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No 6: Citizen-control of personal information

Tweet If the big political innovation of the moment is to give power back to people, then a good place to do it is with personal data. Whose data is it anyway? Whose health, whose education, whose identity, whose shopping … Continue reading

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New media must communicate with the old world better…

Tweet I own up. In this company of political innovators, I’m a cuckoo in the nest. I’ve spent a lifetime in the big corporate media imagining myself speaking truth to power. IT meant the biggest electronic news production system in the world … Continue reading

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